Beauty and plastic regenerative medicine

Beauty and plastic surgery

There are many cosmetic hospitals in Japan, and there are also some hospitals that are not very popular and have low credibility. There are also many medical accidents.In order to avoid unnecessary troubles and waste of costs, our International Business Services Co., Ltd. provides you with the latest and most advanced cosmetic and cosmetic treatment services in Japan.For example: eye shaping, micro plastic surgery, restoring youth, wrinkle removal, slimming, skin firming, breast enhancement, reproductive plastic surgery, etc.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We recommend the most popular hospitals with the highest popularity, high credit quality, good medical quality and few accidents. Specifically, please see the introduction of the TOP5 famous hospital of beauty and plastic surgery.

New gold microneedle technology

The new gold micro-needle technology is an invasive targeted radio frequency technology. As a one-time effect, the safe skin rejuvenation method not only has the exact therapeutic effect, but also the application of negative pressure, temperature control and other technologies. Carry out the project to expand into the direction of stretch marks and odor. At the same time, the new equipment adds a blue aurora module that can be used for painless treatment and accelerated postoperative repair based on the original gold microneedle technology, which makes the treatment more comfortable and the repair period is shorter. The optional focusless non-invasive RF module can be used. Non-invasive skin tightening program to improve customer satisfaction.

Japan’s recently popular “Detox Beauty Law”

Not only is the struggle for women’s wages a lifetime, but the man also cares about age and value. Let the skin on the cell level, purify, white, a “facial detoxification” beauty, whitening tide is popular in the Japanese entertainment circle. The “28-day detox beauty method”, which is magical, is very popular in Japan. There are also frequent live broadcasts on TV.

Beauty / Plastic Surgery Process

1 free consultation / appointment

If you have any questions about plastic surgery services, please contact us via WeChat or email. Our Chinese staff will provide you with free consultation. If you need a medical consultation or treatment, please make an appointment.

2 expert examination

Experts/deans with rich experience are patient and intimate to relieve your troubles and explain the treatment methods for the treatment site. We send Chinese translations, so customers who don’t know Japanese can rest assured.

3 Careful communication

If you can’t tell the doctor about your troubles, doubts, surgery fees, etc., you can talk to us first. We have Chinese translations to reduce your concerns.

4 Application procedures

Treatment requests can only be made on the basis of the client’s knowledge of the entire content. Fill in the letter of commitment. Minors must be accompanied by any parent.

5 payment

In addition to cash payment, the payment method can also use UnionPay and various international credit cards. All surgeries are paid before surgery. Please understand.

6 treatment surgery

All treatments are performed by specialist doctors with extensive performance and experience.

7 no hospitalization required

All treatments were performed on the same day. No need to be hospitalized, you can go home directly after treatment. Customers who have undergone general anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia, and anesthesia at various sites can return home on the same day after a period of rest in the recovery room.

8 postoperative care

After the maintenance, we will be responsible for the whole process. If you are not satisfied after treatment, please feel free to contact us.

9 tracking service

If you have any questions about our company’s plastic surgery services, please contact us. Our Chinese staff make every effort to serve you.

Regenerative medicine ~ fat stem cells ~

Stem cells are primitive cells with self-replication and multi-directional differentiation potential, are the origin cells of life, and are primitive cells that form various tissues and organs of the human body. Stem cell technology is the cutting-edge technology of biotherapy, called regenerative medicine.
Mesenchymal stem cells are first discovered in the bone marrow. Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells have similar biological properties and differentiation potential as bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and have many advantages. They are expected to become new target cells for tissue engineering and gene therapy. Broad application prospects.
Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells have a good prospect because they not only have strong in vitro expansion ability and multi-directional differentiation potential, but also have sufficient sources and easy isolation and culture.

Japan has begun to develop new treatments for low back pain

Toho University Hospital of Japan is planning a clinical trial to transplant stem cells collected from another person’s intervertebral disc into an injured disc of a patient with low back pain. The subjects were patients with low back pain (18 to 75 years old) with disc disease. This low back pain occurs when the intervertebral disc, which acts as a cushion between the vertebrae, is damaged by aging or injury. There is no cure for it. Because of various low back pain diseases caused by herniated discs, the national medical expenses exceed 170 billion yen per year.
Stem cell-based cell therapy products developed by US companies will be injected into a total of 30 injured patients’ intervertebral discs and will assess safety and efficacy. This product is a stem cell culture collected from the intervertebral disc of a person who died in a traffic accident. Animal studies have shown that damaged discs are repaired without the use of immunosuppressive agents. It is believed that the transplanted stem cells have been transformed into cells that constitute the intervertebral disc.

~What is stem cell therapy~

Stem cell therapy

The treatment technology of Japanese stem cell therapy is more and more mature, and it is more and more safe and reliable. It can treat various diseases that cannot be treated domestically. Our company has cooperated with safe and reliable hospitals for stem cell therapy, providing various consulting services, appointments and agency consultation services to patients in China and abroad, and arranges a complete set of services such as medical treatment/surgery.