About confidential information retention

International Business Support Co., Ltd. provides guidance and management not only to coordinators but also to translators and proofreaders to ensure that customers’ confidentiality is not compromised.

【Basic policy on personal information protection】

International Business Support Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information and recognizes that it is a social responsibility to properly manage personal information necessary for providing our service, according to the following policy. We will protect personal information by properly acquiring, using and managing personal information handled by our company.

Comply with laws and regulations and internal rules concerning the protection of personal information.

When acquiring personal information, clarify the purpose of use and manage it in an appropriate manner.

Use personal information within the necessary scope of purpose.

When it is required to disclose, correct or stop the use of personal information, we will respond within the range defined by laws, etc. within a reasonable period.

We will take necessary and appropriate security control measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss or leakage of personal information, etc., and will continuously implement and improve them.

【Basic policy on information security】

International Business Support Co., Ltd. has a corporate philosophy of “Aiming to be a company that supports international medical activities and contributes to international health, economy, and cultural exchange”, and provides medical interpretation, translation, and other related matters from the customer’s perspective. Provide service.

In order to use our services with peace of mind, it is important to build and maintain a high relationship of trust with our customers. To that end, it is necessary to strictly manage customer information obtained through international medical services and protect them from various threats.

We hereby establish a basic information security policy and swear that we will strive to continuously implement, improve and improve this.

Basic policy

1.Information security management system

Establish a company-wide information manager responsible for overall information security responsibilities. The company-wide information manager is responsible for establishing and operating an information security management system.

2.Compliance with laws and regulations

Comply with relevant laws and regulations and other norms when implementing information security measures.

3.Education / training and common knowledge / thoroughness

Regular education and training on information security will be provided to our executives and employees to ensure that the importance of information security, proper handling and management are well known and thoroughly understood.

4.Accident prevention and response

Our officers and staff work to prevent information security incidents, and in the event of an incident, the discoverer promptly reports the contents to the company-wide information management officer and takes emergency measures as necessary. Take it. In addition, for information security incidents, we analyze the causes of the incidents and take preventive measures.

5.Measures against violations

If you violate this basic policy, you may be subject to disposal in accordance with the rules of employment and the contract. In the case of a serious breach that threatens the company’s information assets, similar actions or legal action may be taken.

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