Japan medical checkup and treatment

Japan medical checkup, Treatment, Second opinion

Why go to Japan for medical checkup and treatment?


Japan’s medical technology is at the top level internationally, leading the world. The checkup is done with great care and accuracy.


Intimate hospitality, sincere service, no family companions.


Travel medical examination, travel medical examination, experience various Japanese culture.


High reliability, standardization of service, conscience.

Depending on your actual needs, we will reserve the following
services by booking famous hospitals and leading professional doctors in Japan.
(1)Most advanced checkup
(2)Re-diagnosis by a famous doctor expert (second opinion)

Most advanced checkup

Some of the checkup hospitals that are affiliated

Medical care subjects


Cancer Institute Ariake Hospital, National Cancer Center East Hospital, Juntendo University Hospital, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, International University of Medical Welfare Mita Hospital, Nippon Medical University Hospital

Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular

New Tokyo Hospital, Chiba Nishi General Hospital

Diabetes mellitus

Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, Tokyo University Hospital, New Tokyo Hospital

Digestive system (gastric camera, large intestine camera)

Cancer Institute Ariake Hospital, New Tokyo Hospital, Toranomon Hospital, Juntendo University Hospital

Brain tumor

Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital, Juntendo University Hospital

Liver disease, gall disease

Teikyo University Hospital, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, Juntendo University Hospital


Sanno Hospital, St. Luke International Hospital

Beautiful skin, beauty, surgery, hyaluronic acid injection, diet treatment

New Tokyo Hospital, Shiromoto Clinic, Shonan Beauty Clinic, Kyoritsu Cosmetic Surgery

Process for Japan medical Checkup, Treatment, Second opinion

Process 1 (To the most advanced medical checkup in Japan)

01 Made to order

Contact us via email, phone, Wechat etc

02 Signed a contract

Sign the contract and pay in advance. (Usually 50 days before the date of diagnosis)

03 Departure procedure

Apply for a visa (personal tourism visa recommended) and purchase a ticket.

04 Health checkup in Japan

Arrival in Japan, the day before the checkup, the hotel will explain the checkup points etc.

05 Accompanying the entire health checkup process

A specialist medical interpreter will accompany you to the hospital for a medical checkup.

06 Checkup results

After the inspection report is translated into Chinese or foreign language, it will be sent to that country by EMS express delivery service. (3 to 4 weeks after health checkup)

07 follow-up care

Track your health and provide follow-up care.

Process 2 Re-diagnosis by a famous doctor expert (second opinion)

01 Check the condition and choose a hospital

Check the patient’s condition, suggest a hospital for a visit, and book a time.

02 Signed a contract

You will be required to sign a contract and pay for the agent and translation fees. (Usually 50 days before the date of consultation)

03 Departure procedure

Apply for a visa (recommended for personal tourism visas) and purchase a ticket.

04 Go to Japan for treatment

When you arrive in Japan, we will explain the health checkup precautions at the hotel the day before treatment.

05 Attended medical treatment day

A professional medical interpreter will accompany you to the hospital for a medical checkup.
Medical and dispensing expenses are paid directly to the hospital from the patient.

06 follow-up care

Track your health and follow up.

Summary of frequently Q&A

How do you apply for a visa to go to Japan for a medical checkup?

Generally, the most convenient and quick way is to apply for a short-term travel visa to Japan.

Do you have any problems in Japan due to language problems?

There is a professional interpreter throughout the medical checkup, so there are no communication problems during the checkup or an explanation of the results, and you can receive high-quality services from the Japanese precision checkup.

What is the schedule other than consultation?

We can provide you with customized consultation services, consultations and complete trips.

How much is the consultation fee?

Usually includes medical check-up, arrangement of reservations, coordination, consultation, local interpretation, translation of inspection report, Japanese consumption tax (currently 8%, raised to 10% after October 2019), hospital transfer Will be As prices change for various reasons, we will re-estimate the latest prices each time we request.

How is the cancellation fee calculated?

Cancellation fees vary depending on the hospital. Include a cancellation policy when reporting package prices.

What are the points to be noted in the PET-CT examination?

It is not suitable for pregnant women and children because it uses radioactive material (FDG contrast agent). If you are a diabetic patient, please inform us of your blood sugar level in advance to confirm the PET-CT examination aptitude at the hospital.

The cost of foreigners is somewhat higher than Japanese, though.

We have proposed foreign inspection costs. From confirmation of foreign customer information to formal reservation arrangements, we include the entire process from the acceptance phase to ensure timely and accurate communication. In addition, medical interpretation services and hospital transfer services are provided at the same time. Therefore, including the cost of intermediaries and interpreting costs will be slightly higher than the costs of Japanese people.

A few years ago, the price of the test was relatively low, so I would like to apply the previous price to this test.

The setting of the price is decided by agreement with the medical institution, and the hospital adjusts and decides the related fee according to the medical equipment used. Please consider at the current price.

I have friends who can speak Japanese, but I do not need an interpreter.

In this case, we will check your friend’s Japanese level. Also check the skills of medical interpreters. However, there is no discount. If you arrange an interpreter yourself, the fee does not change.

How many people can receive a medical checkup a day?

The reservation needs ample time for adjustment. One package is limited to a maximum of 15 to 20 people per day.