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Inbound tourism service

The number of foreign visitors to Japan has sharply increased since 2013. The number of foreign visitors to Japan, which were 8.35 million in 2008, was 31.19 million in 2018. The major factors behind the rapid increase in foreign visitors to Japan are the relaxation of visa requirements, the development of Visit Japan business including tax exemptions, the depreciation of the yen, and the relaxation and ban on tourism in neighboring countries.
According to a survey by the Tourism Agency, the travel expenditure per visitor to Japan in 2015 was estimated at 176,168 yen and the travel consumption at 3,477.1 billion yen. The impact on the Japanese economy is significant, and it has received much attention from many industries including department stores, as well as the tourism industry. “Blow buying”, which represents the purchasing phenomenon of Chinese tourists, is nominated for the buzzword award, and with the arrival of people becoming a measure of the National Strategic Special Zone, inbound prosperity creates a new social phenomenon, and the media becomes like every day It is supposed to be taken up.

International Business Support Co., Ltd. has done many operations over 20 years, such as planning and managing international conferences of central government offices, interpreting international conferences, arranging buses, hotels and airline tickets. We have a wealth of experience in international conferences and travel. Inbound tourism business has been actively developed in recent years, and there is confidence that you can leave it safely.

supported language

Chinese Korean Taiwanese Cantonese Thai Malaysian Indonesian Vietnamese English French German Italian Spanish Russian Other

Inbound tourist information fee (excluding consumption tax)

Tourist information / assistant

Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Cantonese
¥ 18,000-(8 hours / 1 day) ¥ 13,000-(within 4 hours)
Other languages
¥ 28,000-(8 hours / 1 day) ¥ 23,000-(within 4 hours)

Medical checkup / agency consultation interpretation

Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Cantonese
¥ 30,000-(8 hours / 1 day) ¥ 19,500-(within 4 hours)
Other languages
¥ 40,000-(8 hours / 1 day) ¥ 30,000-(within 4 hours)

Confirmation items at the time of request

The tourist information fee is set on a half day or all day basis, not on an hourly basis.
Therefore, the guide time will be half-day even for 2 hours, for example from 14:00 to 16:00.
●Half day: within 3 hours (4 hours of restraint) of morning (8:00 to 12:00) or afternoon (13:00 to 17:00)
●All day: 7 hours of activity (8 hours of restraint but 1 hour of rest) Within)

Features of our tourist information service

In International Business Support, we have been engaged in various interpreting services and contracting for international conferences for over 20 years since our establishment. Therefore, we have experienced interpreters in many specialized fields. There are a large number of interpreters who hold an “Interpretation Guide” license for sightseeing interpretation, and they are very well received.
Please try the inbound service of International Business Support, Inc., a long-established interpreter / translation company. The staff will work together to meet your needs with every effort.
We will consult with you about the fee. First, I will estimate.
Please use the inquiry form and feel free to contact us.

Tourism bus bussines

International Business Support Co., Ltd. started a sightseeing bus business in Chiba Prefecture, in cooperation with Hokkaido’s bus company “With You Tourism Co., Ltd.”. We offer comfortable rooms surrounded by high perspectives, wide perspectives, and high-quality spaces.
With You Tourism Co., Ltd., will provide inbound tourists from China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Western countries, etc. to contribute to the heart, economic and cultural exchanges of people in Asia and Western countries. We accept a large number and handle tourist information and tourist bus services. In recent years, not only Hokkaido but also inbound tourism has rapidly developed throughout Japan. It is expected that the number of tourists visiting Japan will reach 40 million by 2020. We will provide personalized service and excellent guide personnel by leveraging the experience and connections of the government’s international conference contracting work. Please use our sightseeing bus and tourist information to go out.
Please rest assured to us.

With You Tourism Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido · Sapporo City)

URL : https://www.withyoubus.jp/
Tel: 011-299-8101
Email: lin013163g@hotmail.com
Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (Mon-Fri)
Please feel free to contact us regarding the tourist bus and tourist information inthe inquiry form.