Medical Translation、Medical consultation
is our company's specialty!

List of partner hospitals

Area of expertise for International Business Support

①Medical interpretation / translation, international medical coordination

Checkup, examination

Medical checkup, PET / CT examination, etc.

Re-checkup, treatment

Expert examination, second opinion various examination, operation

cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery, various treatment counseling, etc.

②Inbound sightseeing / sightseeing bus

Experienced Guide

A large number of "Guides for service"

Actively Contribute to International Exchange

Familiarity with Japanese culture and foreign culture


Air ticket, JR ticket, hotel, sightseeing bus immediate arrangement

We will do our best to assist all clients in medical interpretation and translation, international medical coordination and inbound tourism.

Good at interpreting and translating in the medical and cosmetic surgery field!

We have many interpreters with backgrounds in medicine and nursing, experienced doctors in medical checkup, treatment and cosmetic surgery. It is particularly strong in the medical and cosmetic surgery fields
Selection criteria for our translation staff:
(1) More than 3 years of medical interpretation and translation experience
(2) More than 3 years work experience at a hospital or clinic
(3) Medical Interpreter Certificate Level 1 Japanese Language Proficiency Level 1 Certificate
(4) Those who graduated from a medical school or medical university in Japan or abroad

We strive to improve quality by constantly recruiting and developing new personnel utilizing our many years of business history and reputation.

We are familiar with our expertise and rich in human resources are our treasures.

If you graduated from a medical school or a medical university, or you passed a medical interpreter, we will select the best candidate from among the 320 registered professionals who always have specialized knowledge. We will complete our work at the medical site. Expertise and experience are the most important things to do when working in a medical setting. Even if you pass the screening criteria, our veteran employees will carefully teach you specialized knowledge and translation / translation tips, and then have them master the business knowledge before you take charge of the business.

We will provide detailed services by utilizing past results and medical examples.

We will offer you a reasonable plan with just the medical case for the service you request. By using precedent data, we will reduce your anxiety and cost burden. In addition, it is also possible to customize it to the customer based on the precedent.

We will adhere to the basic policy on personal information protection, keep confidential outside of the company, strictly control and prevent leakage!

International Business Support Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information and recognizes that it is a social responsibility to properly manage personal information necessary for providing our services, based on the basics of personal information protection. We will protect personal information through appropriate acquisition, use and management of personal information handled by our company based on the policy. We need to be especially careful about personal privacy information, and we will give thorough instruction to everyone inside and outside the company.

Respond to the increase of foreigners visiting Japan quickly, and arrange for inbound sightseeing and sightseeing bus quickly and inexpensively!

We offer true hospitality. International business support has been responsible for planning and managing international conferences by the central japanese government, interpreting international conferences, arranging buses, hotels and airline tickets for over 20 years, and has a wealth of travel related experience and experience. Inbound tourism business has been actively developed in recent years, and there is confidence that you can leave it safely. In addition to the quality that is sufficient for medical use, we will try our best to meet the needs of other services that will be required for a full-day sightseeing tour, such as cost-effectiveness balance.

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